Workie ticket
[Northern England slang]

A smile line drawing in the colour black A smile icon in green

Meaning: A disruptive person, or someone who likes to push one’s luck.


I’m Hannah, the Founder of WorkieTicket. After getting my first job as a UX Researcher around 9 years ago, I realised two things:

  1. I love being a UX Researcher and working in this industry
  2. Services for women are extremely stagnant and surrounded by red tape

Point number 2 is what inspired me to focus on the FemTech sector, which has the immense potential to truly change the way that women can access support and information for their health and wellbeing.

I decided to take the red tape and lasso this business idea to the forefront so that WorkieTicket could begin providing businesses with:

  • FemTech UX research without high consultancy fees

  • Assistance in finding user problems with their products or services

  • Support with easily implementing design-led principles

  • Opportunities that we’ve identified to impact user experience

It’s time to disrupt and make some waves

Running a start-up or a business in a growing sector is like navigating the ocean…you’ve got to work with the tide, ups and downs.

But sometimes you need to go against the tide to experience growth.

Outsource your projects to our team of UX experts so that you can put your users at the centre!

Our mission is to provide UX research to FemTech companies on a subscription basis without the faff, so that your ideas have the best chance of survival.


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