Finding the why behind the what

Looking to get to the bottom of what your FemTech users need?

We believe in a simple principle – if you can truly understand your users, then you can keep them coming back. Whether you’re struggling with a decrease in sales or scratching your head over irregular feedback and changes in user behaviour, WorkieTicket is your all-in-one solution.

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How it Works

Your one-way WorkieTicket to monthly user insights…

High-quality research and insights for your FemTech business

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Tell us about your organisation

Our research is built around you. We could probably use the words ‘tailored’ or ‘bespoke’, but what we really mean is that we collaborate with you so that you can make an impact.

We’ll allocate you a researcher

You’ll plan your first goals with your researcher in an hour-long workshop, who will use their knowledge of your sector to create your study. In line with your chosen monthly approach, you’ll get guidance every step of the way!

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We’ll do the heavy lifting

Research is time-consuming, costly, and doesn’t always have the payoff you need. We can provide high-quality research that is adaptable to you and accessible because we don’t believe in high entry tickets (especially when you can have WorkieTicket instead!).

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You’ll only ever get the data you need so that we can get to the bottom of what your FemTech user needs, together. That way, you can keep your user experience positive and refine your services over time.


Why WorkieTicket

Maybe you’ve noticed an element of unpredictability with your sales, or perhaps they’ve decreased completely…

Whatever the case may be, we’re here to provide the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ for you in the most accessible way possible. You’ll get:

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Price clarity

See the words ‘price available on request’ and cringe? Us too. That’s why you’ll never have to jump through hoops just to access high-quality FemTech UX research.

Our prices start from £1,900 per month and you won’t have to deal with the pressure of hiring a freelance UX researcher that charges by the day or an organisation that guards their prices like they’re protecting the Mona Lisa.

Actionable data

The best FemTech businesses refine their services over time, but this is reliant on researching, testing, and assessing.

We won’t dump the data on your doorstep and leave you to it – we deliver manageable, actionable insights each month that help you and your team develop and learn how to implement them.

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Cohesion, not confusion

We bring together qualitative, quantitative and secondary research to guide you through the process of improving the customer journey and maximise your decision-making.

Our experienced researchers provide insights at pace and with collaboration in mind– just like any great relationship, it’s all about communication and balance between both parties!

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